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oh shit I forgot you were doing that. does it hurt a lot? :|

It really isn’t all that bad once you take the pain killers. You’re going to want to get yours done soon though because the longer you wait, the longer the root of the tooth grows and the more it will hurt.

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Yeah, they weren’t really a big problem until then. But try to take it easy if you’re bleeding a lot; like make sure there’s plenty of gauze back there and lay down or something. Try not to get too worked up about it cause it makes things worse

I bled for about an hour. It sucked at first because my mom went to the store and forgot she had the gauze in her purse, so I was stuck at home bleeding everywhere -_- Too much information. It’s a ton better now though. The pain killers work amazing, I had a nap, and I’ve been drinking a ton of liquids. :D

Thank you for caring guys. ♥ c:

  1. emergesintolightt said: ugh you’re lying, I bet it sucks more than you’re saying… wahhh I know I need to but I don’t want to. at all. ever.
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